Hacking, Paving and Pulling the Plug

I've had a few realizations in the last few weeks (that's two few use of the word few)!

The first realization, is that I have no time to actually sit down and write down things on this blog. And there's also the fact that I almost killed this blog. I downloaded all the data and pulled the plug on it unceremoniously, for a few days. It lost a couple of images (as you'd have noticed already, if you had visited earlier). But anyway, looks like it didn't want to die and just like the most famous zombie of the world, it remained dead for 3 days and woke up to life on the third. It was a Sunday.

Happy Easter, everyone!

The other realization is that my gaming account got hacked. No big deal, just that after slogging in the lab for awhile, I suddenly inferred that I have not been putting the $59.99 game of FIFA'15 to good use. I should be playing on it, trying to up my Ultimate Team, trying to defeat Brazil playing with India, and trying to beat the crap out of Chelsea in the English Premier League by customizing the CPU settings to set the settings for injury frequency and injury severity at their highest. So, Hazard, Diego Costa and Terry were all in the hospital the last time I was playing the game. Manchester United is 7 points clear on top of the table. Taking Terry out was an accident though. He didn't really matter in the whole scheme of Chelsea's now erstwhile plan of European domination.

Anyway, it so happened that I suddenly couldn't log in to my account anymore. The whole security and privacy settings seemed to have been modified and it was rerouting me to some page that required me to enter a security code that was supposedly delivered to my cellphone. Except that, it wasn't. I panicked and called up the customer service guy.

A nerd picked up the phone, "Hello!"
"Hi, my account has a compromised!" said I.
"Okay, how can I help you?"
"Umm.. I obviously need my account back in my control?!"
"Oh sorry, you said your account has been compromised?"
I made a face.. silently.
"Let me see.." he began typing some keys on the other side of the line.

After ages of typing, "Yes sir, are you from Serbia?" asked he.
"WHAT?! Do I sound like a Serbian to you?!" asked I, kind of pissed.
"Well, I need to confirm that for security purposes sir" he replied.
"In that case, no I'm not from Serbia!" said I.
"Where are you from, sir?" asked the nerd again.

'Well, he sure doesn't sound like one!' he must've thought to himself because sure as hell, he took some time to get back to me after that query. Half way around the world and the call center peeps are still annoying! When I finally got back my account, I found all my XPs in 6 figures numbers. I redeemed the shit out of celebrations packages, balls and new jerseys and player stat packages that night. That Serbian dude must've been a crazily good player.

I have mixed feelings about him now.

In other questions, how do you know when your road needs paving?

After I returned from the lab one fine evening, Kelsey passed me a flier that she found hanging by the door knob. It was a notice asking us to move our cars for a couple of days, and drive through exits on the other side of our locality, because the main roads are going to get paved fresh. It was both good and bad. Bad news first: because you needed to move your car. So each morning, you get up, freshen up, pack your lunch and walk to your car and then drive, and then park (if you're lucky to get space, because you're late from all the walking), and then again walk to the department. You do the same thing in reverse order on your way back.

Good news is, we were actually hoping that they'll pave the road sooner. Why? Well for one, the tires were taking a big hit from the potholes and craters and other tectonic art-forms on the dying tar of that old road. Two, it was indirectly killing a lot of fauna in the Timbers community. Like that other day, Lauren almost ran over a possum while trying to dodge an oncoming pothole on that 60 feet street. The possums, raccoons, armadillos, dogs and cats were so freaked out about the potholes themselves. Suddenly all the cats around the area were spending more time inside, posing as the Le Chat Noir cat at their owners' windows which, let's face it now, belongs to them.

Also, three, and the most important one! I was walking back on that street one evening while trying to change the music on Pandora when I fell flat on my face in what I would still claim to be broad daylight. Why? Because I tripped on one of those potholes. That was remotely embarrassing, except that no one saw me fall. So, yay!

But that teaches us an important lesson in life. If the potholes are big enough to make a human being fall, perhaps it's time to something about it.


You can see the kind of crap I've started writing nowadays. So, don't mourn if you suddenly find me gone. Rest assured, this blog would go with a bang!

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