Who the Fuck is Charlie?

Seriously, who the fuck is Charlie? And why the fuck am I being asked to be him?! I think I'm offended. You want me to say je suis Charlie.. ├ža me fait chier!

The journalists at Charlie Hebdo - cartoonists, artists, media, idealists, provocateurs, obnoxious, anarchists and say what, in some ways - extremists? As the publication is now being celebrated as heroic, and the slain journalists as martyrs on behalf of the apparent freedom of expression, the whole world rallies behind them in solidarity. One thing is factually clear in everyone's mind:
"Cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo published some piece of art, however beautiful or enraging, and that they were brutally murdered for precisely that."
Before I actually write about it, I should clarify one thing - there is no speech so hateful, no piece of art so offensive, no tweet so provocative and no music so enraging that it somehow would legitimize or justify the use of violence against them. And it also stands the other way around. Fear of violence also, should not determine the moderation of art and aesthetic human endeavor. People - human beings - lost their lives, and before we scramble to brand them as heroes or martyrs or artists or provocateurs, the act itself should be condemned.

It raises certain questions regarding the socially accepted standards of expressing one's thoughts publicly. The first thing that I now realize is that however we promote 'freedom of speech' or 'freedom of expression', for all practical purposes, we're actually unsure of where we stand ourselves. In solidarity to those who lost their lives at Charlie Hebdo, we launched the hash-tag protest #JeSuisCharlie or #IAmCharlie. But are we, really? Do we really have to become them to convey our solidarity? Do we really have to conform to those standards? Were we 'them' before this whole incident happened or are we just being fair-weather friends? And lastly, even though we're shaken to the core, are we really Charlie Hebdo, ideologically?