'A God to Die for, A God to Kill for'

Yesterday I heard him say my God doesn't exist.
Who does he think he is? How dare he?
I didn't talk to him yesterday.
I walked right past him. He was dead to me.

Yesterday he said my God is fake.
I stared at him angrily, while he hissed.
He ought to be taught a lesson.
I threw a stone at him. By inches, it missed.

Yesterday I saw him spit at the name of my God.
I lured away his dog.
His owner has crossed a line!
Till it were dead, I beat him with a log.

Yesterday he refused to pray to my God.
I burned down his house.
Enough has been sought by talks.
I kidnapped and raped his spouse.

Yesterday he cursed at my God.
This time, I took away his daughter.
He cried and cried all throughout the day.
I raped her, shot her in the head and left her for slaughter.

Yesterday I found him weeping to my God.
He pleaded for mercy and for his misfortunes to cease.
But it wasn't over - I brought out his son.
Humiliated him. Cursed him. Brandished my gun to tease.

Yesterday he vandalized my God's idol in anger.
I stood and watched him do that.
His son killed himself.
But not before he killed his father with a cricket bat.

Today my neighbor found a new religion.
But 'my God is greater' I proclaim.
He didn't look at me, as if to him I was dead!
A stone whizzed past me. It might just have missed it's aim.


  1. And you used 5 words to say that?! :D Help them Anitha, when you can.. I, it would seem, ran away from all this.. there are no poor kids in America.. not the kind we've seen.. but I'll return someday and will do something about them!

  2. The haunting facts so beautifully expressed!
    You have conveyed your feelings - the hurt, the anger, the helplessness...the hopelessness,so very well in this :(

  3. Thank you Aniesha.. but you know I don't write poems - dunno where this actually came from?!