A Private Discovery of Central India

Last time I wrote a blog post on visiting the capital, I ended it up with the epilogue that I will get back to you about the rest of the trip. The part which took me on a wild-goose chase of discovering the elusive 'Indianness' in it's history and places, brought me back to a larger realization that the thing I was looking for was only to be found in it's people.

By the way, did you guys catch 2 States in the movie hall yet? The main character - Krissh - seemed to be living in the Hauz Khas area - the one place I described very well in the first part of this two-post travel series. Also, finally I'm glad that Bollywood cleared the air about the people living in Tamil Nadu after the image they usually portrayed of them in movies like Singham and Chennai Express! All the locations in this movie were either my favourite or the most memorable of all places I've ever lived in! Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.. aah nostalgia! This movie was already written in the form of a script, so there was nothing that could've gone wrong with the movie. Thank you 2 States, for reinstating the love for masala Bollywood movies all over again! Don't miss this, if you still haven't seen it in the theatres.

Anyway, enough stalling. Let's pick it up from where I left.

What's In A Name?!

I have come to realize that my parents must've had some really bad confidant during the time I was born. Otherwise why on earth would they give a go ahead for me to be named Arindam at the age of only a couple of days? Do I, or did I ever look like an Arindam?

Ughh. Arindam!

So I have a problem. And before you say anything that falls along the lines of 'I told you so' please let me clarify. I've come to realize that my name wasn't always what it is now known as, to everyone. At some point of time, my parents had casually listened to some relative and had me named Arindam. Ughh. Arindam! What comes to your mind when you think of someone with the name Arindam? What indeed?