After an Unhappy Day..

There are friends, then there are enemies,
then there are the allies-turned-foes.

And surviving that military-ish school,
wasn’t it the best thing that went down the hose?

Yet I find myself looking forward,
looking around for another.

For, as it turns out, the saddest day is-
when you’re abandoned,
and glory comes to a brother.

I maybe, am a little intoxicated,
I’m not going to deny.
But I’m being subjugated to face a rough one here,
-right at the end of the line!

If there should be a dark yellow light,
run away to which, I certainly would.
For I’ve heard, it leads to a land with no guilt,
or yearning – and if only I just could..

‘Know I’m there for you’ said the one who should.
But how does it matter, when you’re running different ways?
He will wrest the chance offered to him,
while for me its sunset, and someone already stole my hays.

I beg to scream away from the hollow promises,
the shallow advices and material consolations.
For its that particular cadency in life,
when all around, and everywhere-
everything is a vexation.

And, there’s nothing you could do about it.


PS. of all experiments that I have ever carried out, this one too, is spontaneous and sudden. I'm NOT AT ALL a poet and I don't understand poetry that doesn't have a rhyme - they just have to rhyme for me. Lately, not in a great mood for a quick humour, moi. So I'll leave you to these stupid verses of mine, and mark the celebration of 'one year completion' of an extremely successful hobby!


  1. sudden experiments are not necessarily bad!
    try out more :)

    1. Aah.. one genuine encouragement! Well, that actually helps, helps A LOT! Thanks, will try out some more, when it happens again..

  2. You do understand poetry! :)
    If you can write it, you can understand it... ^_^
    I am sad seeing the day on which that was posted, but reflecting was a very horrible day :P

    Also...there is such a thing as a blank verse. But let's not get into that. Rhyming is fine too. :D