Homeward Hassle..

Here I am, on my way to home, updating my blog from the train. Such a dedicated blogger that I am! My journey, yet again, sucks - this time more than anytime. Considering, even the last time, on my way to Mumbai, the one I mentioned in 'This Post!' Dad had given me an option of flying home, which I turned down (much to the disappointment of the hassle-shunning half of my Indian soul) as I hate flying.

I had booked 2 tickets in a Volvo AC Bus, from Vellore to Chennai. And much to my fears for the tragic developments about to unfold, the bus was packed! Already?

‘Anna, I‘ve booked seats 17 and 18 on this bus, it’s the 4 o’ clock Volvo right?’

He seemed to get heavily perturbed by my queries - 2 in tandem - one, asking if it’s the 4 o’ clock Volvo and two, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BOOKINGS ON SEATS 17 AND 18!! Gave me a look, a killer one at that, then hurled a mouthful of harsh-sounding words in the bent, crooked language of Tamil. (Sorry, 4 years onwards, and I’m being a Racist!)

I waited and when my cup of ‘taking crap’ was finally full, I got on the bus, somehow, much to everyone’s disappointment and premonitions. I shouted and blasted my way across to seats 17 and 18 to find one occupied by a young girl and an elderly lady with white hair - Young girl? NO MERCY! 'Avada kedavra' Old Lady with white hair? Hopes falling, I realized then, my seat is up for a sacrifice, unfortunately..

I made Rupsa sit, the least I could manage as our luggage were all over the bus, at the mercy of a lot of people. Oh and my ticket had been pocketed by the bus conductor, he wasn’t charging us, but also he wasn’t really helping us with seats and stuff either..

After standing for the next 2 and a half hour, we reached Chennai, booked a cab and came straight down to the Chennai Central AC Guest Room where we waited for sometime, spending enormous amounts of money. Possibly, tonight I’m responsible for half the loss incurred upon the value of our currency at the INR foreign exchange value.

Then happened, the only good thing in the entire journey - Rupsa went to Spencer’s and got us KFC fries, fried chicken meals, some diet cokes and cheese croissants from The French Loaf. We ate our way to glory, simultaneously damning the corporate globalization of companies such as KFC, quite ironically.. and then a kid managed to poop in her pants, right in front of us, to revert affairs back to the natural order of craziness and chaos!

The train arrived and then to our horror, we realize our waiting listed ticket has not yet been confirmed, and we were in RAC, which meant sharing seats. Not a big bother that was, Rupsa and me can fit like lock and key, thin and skinny that we are.. our problem was all about keeping the luggage!

And at such moments, Rupsa’s wrath zeroed in on my mighty sized guitar.

Some station named POWERPET Junction passed just now (We’re into Andhra, what do you expect? Don’t mind the Racism.. for like you must’ve noticed earlier, that’s but Being ME! when I'm irritated!), its 8:15am on my watch. Sigh, long way to go.. Christ give me strength! And Kolkata my home, here I come, hurling myself at you, rolling like a bowling ball.



PS. this message is for Sohini, the newest reader to my blog.. I welcome thee, and thank you for the wonderful comments! Keep reading, and no, its not at all weird if you comment random on anything that grabs your attention; in fact its encouraged! And best of luck with your exams!!

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  1. Nice Deep Keep it up and try to avoid late bookings from next time. Try to board from Katpady only. With best of luck for the next time.