Happy Bong Nabo Barsho people!

Aah! PEACE!! The entire hullabaloo about the Bong New Year has come to an end at last..

The one good thing about it will have to be my swift retreat to 'my-kind-of-music!' - Poets of the Fall, Chris Cornell and Beatles ruled my Tuesday. Trying to get Fossils out of my head ASAP as I just cannot stand the weirdness that Rupam Islam bestows upon the contemporary Bong population. However, some songs are indeed good, if sung normally, like the one we performed - Hasnuhana - Oh! and how the people danced and hooted for us.. \m/

The event was great, considering the general audience liked it. However we, being the organizers, know the various faces of it and whom we'd like to skin alive and whom we'd like to ask out for free lunch and stuffs along the same lines..

At one such moment when I was fuming at somebody who maybe didn't even matter on the entirety, a small blitz of yellow ran past me, thus spilling my Juice on me (that for some reason I had decided to hold on to this second helping, instead of finishing it off). She was the daughter of one of the members of the faculty. A very little one, with all her milk teeth flashing out in glee..

She recited a poetry on stage at one of our show transition moments - perhaps the most famous rhymes of a Bong childhood, 'Baapuram-Shapure' - I dunno if you call it recitation, but she gulped 6 times in between, said 'umm' 10 times, twitched, smiled, laughed, giggled and danced along her way to completion. She acted like a total celebrity and bagged away the maximum applause. Sweet.

Until, she came down strutting like a celeb, and walked up to me. She had to look up at me, for I'd be more than twice her height. Then she asked, 'Bhalo bolechi, toh?' Was I any good? I said, 'of course, you were the best!!' And that's when she collected her ultimate prize - the Juice box I was holding- the first one.. She took it swiftly and ran off to her mummy, grinning and nearly tripping over about 10 times on her way.

Why, you little!!

Also, I had my eyes for her the rest of the night. And caught her doing something many of us wouldn't even think of trying. Whenever she would pass the Chancellor sir, she'd go, stand at a distance and extend her hand to demand a shake. She would call after him, 'Hey! Hey you!!' Yes, my eyes were absolute circle at this scene - girl's got guts! And she did this about 4 times as I saw her, dunno how many times when I didn't see. The Chancellor sir was charming enough obliging to the little lady's advances.

We, the guitarists - Maitreya, Abir and Myself - Photo courtesy: Snehajyoti Saha

Kuntal Acharya, my fellow coordinator, Photo Courtesy: Snehajyoti Saha

Gracefully gifted, Sohini - Photo Courtesy - Arkayan Samaddar

Reshmi and Me, the cultural coordinators, musing - Photo Courtesy - Arkayan Samaddar

Maitreya, Iman, Kuntal and Sohini, after the event - Photo Courtesy - Snehajyoti Saha

That's me, posing it up, trying to hide the tension of the entire thing, with Ady and Panchali - the guest welcome-ers!! Photo Courtesy - Snehajyoti Saha 

Oh, and one more little guy had fun yesterday - son of our faculty coordinator. He was sitting beside our
adopted-Bangali bhai, Nikunj, which was also the seat behind the Chancellor sir..

Nikunj caught the young introverted guy put his leg up - upon the behind of the Chancellor's seat! - Nikunj's eyes went full moon this time but he just stared at the kid. After sometime, the kid stared back with an 'Ishan-Nandakishore-Awasthi-look' and snapped back, 'Ki hoyeche?' 'What you starin' at!! (kinda..)'

'That's the Chancellor, kid!' said Nikunj.
'I know..' snapped back the kid, and then he put his leg down..

However, apparently it didn't provide enough comfort and he resumed his original posture soon enough. KIDS!! What'd we do without you..

A very 'Shubho Nabo Barsho' to my Bong readers.. and for the others, I'll be back, Schwarzenegger-style!! Till, next time.. tataazzz!!


  1. Hahaha..
    that sounded epic. The kid made me smile. =P =)

    Oh! and shubho novoborsho.=))

    1. :) kids, right! it was a fun event, certainly with a lot of perks involved, but the public generally loved it.. so, peace at last!! time to get back to all the assignments and pending studies of quizzes.. HATE THIS THING! :/

  2. Ack I missed the kids part coz I was backstage :( She sounded uber charming :D I didn't know you had your own blog!Nice :)

    1. the kid was sooo cute! and thank you, read around, share, comment.. all very much welcome! =)