Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao

What the title means - Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao (Let Me Be My Way) is a song from the film Autograph which released in September 2010. The film re-wrote box office history in Bengali cinema. But what lasted longer than the film itself, is this song, that has become synonymous with our generation, which is crying to be left alone, seeking its own little space in this claustrophobic world..

This is, however, a picture of what is in my mind right now..

Here's a video, the image of which is an impressionist painting by the famous French artist, Claude Monet, TRYING HARD to go with the song, that the video is about - Majhi re from Bong Connection.

This is a sample of the practice that we're putting up for the 16th April Poila Baisakh celebrations in our college - or this is just the after-hours happenings of the actual practice!! Abir on guitar, Ayan on vocals and me - on drums (for the very first time, which is much understandable, once you listen to it..)

Needless to mention, but I've been very busy lately, and YES! I know I've been saying that a lot, off late.. but here's the reason - apart from all the projects, conferences, and classes (to which I've apparently forgotten the way from hostel..) I'm among the chief organizers for the Bengali New Year Celebrations in our college this year.. 'Poila Baisakh 1419' as we're calling it.. Every time its about 'oh my god, just a few more days to go and we're not yet started!!' This time however, we took careful consideration and started early, that is about a month ago..

And here we are! Nearly 10 days left as we're there again - 'OMG! It's here! And we have nothing to put up!!' Actually its not that bad.. but it all seems tough competing to last year's PROPERLY-funded and well-rehearsed theme - a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore!! Suddenly everyone's asking, whats the theme this year?

It reminds me of the Durga Puja time in Kolkata, all that matters is the theme! But for all of us here, who are involved in the preparation of Bengali New Year, this is almost akin to Durga Puja.. and this year's theme as it is turning out to be is 'A Collection of Missed Tribute' as the inauguration is about Swami Vivekananda (for the students from VIT who'll understand this better at this juncture - Asit Ranjan Ghosh Sir from SBST - is involved!), there's a dance drama depicting the 'Cultural evolution of Bengal' that includes a song dedicated to Lalan Fakir, the little known, 19th century philosopher-poet, immortalized by baul songs, a portrait by Jyotirindranath Tagore and subsequently the 2010 movie Moner Manush.. Lastly, there might be a play Michhil written by famous play-writer Badal Sircar, who passed away last year..

Well, at least that's the plan..

All official work has been done - the innumerable signatures, the official red-tapes, the forms, the letters, the permissions.. however, the matters-that-bother-others-not i.e. the funding - is yet to be characterized.. one of the few perks of organization!

Wish us luck.. and oh! Got to go, music practice at 8, this post was just a reminder that I'm alive.. I love ya, my readers! :)


  1. Lage raho Munna Bhai, Bapu tumhare sath hain. But paucity of time needs more devotion and dedication towards the rehersals.
    Anyway our best wishes to your team always.

  2. All the best for the Poila Baisakh celebrations. (god! i miss home!)

    I am new to your blog and i must say You have a really fun and entertaining blog here!Will visiting again. =P =)

  3. why, thank you!! you, a bong away from home too, eh? well, u then know 'the' feeling.. the feeling of forcing your way through all the heapful of crap, in order to set up this Poila Baisakh event in college, and feel closer to the 'Bangali' in me..
    and thanks for visiting my blog, keep visiting, do read my old posts, as the way it is going, soon i'll be too busy to write frequently.. but i'll take my time out, and that'll be my excuse! =)

  4. hmm..i see! Plan was bigger :D
    16th however was fun..the 'bong connection' was strong :)hehe..n food was oshadharon! a few more songs played by u guys could have added to the fun :)anyway,will always remember tht fun eve :)thanks to all of u!

    1. oh, come on now.. i should be thanking you guys.. and this wasn't in the plan, this was just fooling around.. we had other pretty pretty songs to rock about with.. unfortunately, they were cut short, so sang our best song haphazardly.. =) glad u liked it..