College Fest and Oomph!

The second day of my college fest, RIVIERA 2012, has thus gone by.. and it was actually a day full of surprises! But before that, I'll share with you, my trusted readers, wonderful new things that have been happening in my life, lately..

My girlfriend (surprise surprise!) upon much insistence from peers and evil friends, decided to go modelling for Style Check, the official fashion show of our college! A self-certified nerd, it was quite an adventure for her.. Class topper, psychotic and crazy happy-go-lucky, emotional reader and what now, UNDERDOG DIVA? And she's definitely enjoying the sudden oomph about her - the stilettos, the 'pump' (yeah - the new jargon too - been using these a LOT, off late!), the extra-hours after hostel in-time.. then there are the 'moments!' when she'll call and seek confidence, 'Parbo toh?' Could I actually do it..?


Oh now, did you think that's the new happening in MY life? The chauvinistic pig that I am, I won't disappoint you guys like that.. nope!

Last few days, been a month, I haven't been getting much time hanging out with my girlfriend, nor other friends for that matter.. she's busy with the practice - ramp walking, from 4:30 in the morning till 11'o clock in the night - walking, strutting, hopping, tittupping, cocking and prancing about the Fashion Club pride-lands. Me, instead am busy preparing for the Quiz, studying for competitive exams, again, and reading research materials on Polio..

And then the last of my closest engineer friends, got a job, with a handsome pay scale in FORD!! My brain has been receiving stress signals from it's cognitive centers ever since.. In a moment of super kolaveri, my future seemed dark-uh for sometime! Seeking guidance, I made my girlfriend take a time out from her practice and got her to lecture me as we roamed around the campus..

Not that I listen to her lecture much, it usually slides down soon to books, music or simply bitching about others and then giggle like teenagers..

But then today it was different - she was wearing high heels. And by high, I mean the kinda High, SRK would have to wear while shooting opposite Kareena or Aamir Khan shooting opposite Asin, the stiletto kind.. She was maybe half of an inch taller than me, which was when I was superbly uncomfortable! Chest up and spine straight, I tried my best to level up and walk, as the entire college was looking over at us and ogling at the newly discovered college hottie (and her minion beside her, maybe?)

Then suddenly, appeared up front was one of the few original college hotties, whom my friend Nikunj used to stalk just last year.. (at least he wouldn't deny it!) She walked right up to us and loudly announced, (as the others definitely heard it!) 'Practice at seven, babes!' to the tall-alien beside me that was my girlfriend.. Then she looked over to me and advanced a curt smile of recognition with a 'Hello!'

Soon, another of her newly-made friends/college-fashion-celebrities pass by and say something to her, to which she replies, 'Chill babes!' I got the 'smile' from her too..

My girlfriend is on a 'babes-basis' with all the college divas!!

One of them shook hands, with a warm hug and said in a high pitched yet weirdly aromatic, sing-song voice, 'Oh, so you're the one, eh! She mentioned you a LOT already!'

'Good things, I hope?' And by that statement, its hence proven that I suck at making an intelligent reply while staring at a potential Kim Kardashian (hair, moolah, arse and brain-wise!) of our college! I copy the most inappropriate lines from movies instead..

By the end of the walk-and-talk, I was over my frustration and feeling a new high - my girlfriend is on a babes-basis with the college hotties! Whoooo!! I guess that makes me seem pretty cool, huh? I turned to her, and royally announced, 'You, babes, are by far the BEST girlfriend I have ever had!'

Well, at least I tried to be honest!

Sanjna Banerjee - Thanks to the photographer, and a much-colorful and recommended viewing is due, at the fb album RIVIERA 2012 by 'A Pensive Polaroid' 

Today was the Style Check finals, and her team representing the host college, unexpectedly won! Unexpectedly, because the hosts are usually avoided while choosing for the best in such events.. A huge celebration is being scheduled soon enough!

Oh another surprise, Canadian singer/performer Natalie Di Luccio sang 'Why this Kolaveri, da' for us today.. I really want to kill myself already!


  1. Hehe...AWESOME write- up Deep!!!! :))
    Enjoyed reading it!!
    AND, your GF, looked SUPPA-HOT yesterday!! ;-)

  2. You have the incredible potential to get blogging going places! "The Barbarian Ravens from Hell" being my favorite!

    1. Thanks man! It's a nice time-pass for a hobby.. :)

  3. wow Deep! You've written well. Yeah, I felt Natalie De Luccio's rendition of 'Kolaveri di' was hard to tolerate. Neeraj Sridhar was dissapointing too-'Hawa Mein Udati Jaye' was not sung!

  4. awwwsssuummm.....nd Kim K z hot.....:P