Not so elementary, dear Watson..


After it took us to the heights of anticipation, the highly celebrated (and for truly apt reasons!) BBC tele-series SHERLOCK comes with it's second season, while making us wait for almost two years! Probably the longest wait anyone had to wait to see their favorite fictional character return.. Now I am a huge fan of the whoddunit, the criminal minds, the thrill and showdowns. And Sherlock Holmes is one legacy I happily cling on to.. The first episode in the second season of the tele-series, A Scandal In Belgravia, was the best beginning one could've hoped for..

The movie SHERLOCK HOLMES, part 1, was also a near-perfect beginning to the SH franchise. It was an accomplished ressurection of the hero, and even though a bit of rework had been done over his character, it was a welcome change as the larger-than-life persona and his brilliance was mostly retained..

But what disappointed me was everything that followed..

I'm guessing it'll still be a bit of an understatement if I say that the best detective story ever written is and always will be 'The Hound of Baskervilles' and a rework on it, especially one in the contemporary times, would be a damn difficult one! But still, whatever happens, I believe the scientific experiments, the secret government lab, the Nazi-kind of operations and all that could've been avoided.. the way it had begun was highly paced, full of suspense and intriguing but it was such a buzzkill towards the end. The whole mystery was lost very early in the spectacle.. The only thing to look forward to was Cumberbatch as SH, Freeman as Watson and hats off to Russel Tovey for his potrayal of a terrified, mortified, petrified Henry Knight.. rest was just a different-styled attempt at the greatest story of deduction, ever told!

One disappointment was enough for this week, but it had to be covered by another one.. the movie SH: A Game of Shadows. It indeed is a 'Game of Shadows' loosely similar to the 'Final Problem' written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.. but come on, where was the mystery? The art of deduction? The very finery with which SH would deduce everything!! It was just another masterpiece by Guy Ritchie, but I do not relate it in any way to Sherlock Holmes..

Hence, disappointed!

And I know you must've loved the movie, everyone has. But in my own personal opinion, it didn't provide any of the mastery that we relate SH with. It was the SH that only Robert Downy Jr. can pull off well, as he did! But being a SH fan, pity.. it was not worth the wait!

Feel free to point out if I missed out on something that was worthwhile..


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    1. thank you Mohur.. :) I'm relatively new to blogging, so a comment can make me write better contents more often.. :) i'm a follower of your blog too..