My Travel Diaries - Goa!

Sorry guys, I know its been a while since I wrote anything here. I'm back from my trip to Goa, back to college and its already hectic, crazily! After about 4 semesters of consecutive classes in the evening, I have classes that start from 8am this semester, everyday.. However, more of that and I'll choke on my own words.. So how was Goa?


And why is that? Because I had the best company there, my best friends and amazing jovial people, who'd just leave their worries aside and sing and dance at one go! Absolutely uninhibited.. I tried that, and I loved it all! Shedding the inhibition, celebrating the mischief and getting over fears is among the things I'll always remember..

We stayed at Margao, with the Antaos, my friend Noelle's place.. a welcome stay, with the most amazing food, with a li'l too much variety each day! We had all kinds of fish - Kingfish, Mackarel, Pomfret, Shark, Calamari (which is a squid or baby octopus..), all kinds of meat - Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Beef, Mutton, new kinds of preparations - Goan curry, Xacuti, Vindalho.. and so many kinds of beverages, need I mention here..?

We went to a number of beaches - Benaulim, Colva, Miramar, Calangute, Baga, Palolem.. then we visited the street-side market place, including a mini-Tibetan market, where we bargained heavily, sometimes successfully, sometimes left frustrated.. ate at so many places - Martin's Corner, Johncy's, China gate.. saw the old churches in Old Goa - the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, St. Augustine's Cathedral..

Then we went boating out into Mobor where we saw dolphins! That was pretty kind of them to show up and put up a nice show for us, galloping in free waters..

Anyways, I achieved a welcoming feat, by overcoming my fear of water.. I do not know how I did this, but I stayed in water, considerably deeper waters, for more than 3 hours! Dragged my friends into it too.. I was loving it, and was fearless!

So guys, if you haven't yet tried Goa, which might be a rare case.. considering it a world-renowned tourist spot in India! But still, if you haven't, pack your backpack, take plenty of sunscreen, put up your glares and hats and set out.. the experience of a lifetime!

Camera is a must need here, for beauties, sea and everything else!

The most passionately played game in India!

Me and a friend, out near the sea.. but what more so beautiful than the sunset behind my head?

Paragliding.. an adventure sport we mastered, overcoming yet another fear!

Amazing fresh prawns with 'Paav' made my day on the boat-ride to Mobor!

Christmas with the Antaos

Overcame my fear of water in the clear and reassuring water of Calangute!

Summary of everything I did in the last 20 days of 2011

Those 3 crazy lunatics up in the air would be my best 3 friends!

Old Goa was such a beauty for reasons such as these.. Basilica de Bom Jesus

At Benaulim beach, with friends!

Calamari (Squid/Octopus) from Johncy's, at Benaulim beach

Dolphins off the coast in Mobor!

The Gang, people who made the trip unforgettable.


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