'You may keep it...'

So it happened one day that I was waiting outside the library for someone.. I was on the phone and as a force of habit, I stroll around while talking..

Apart from just hanging out in front of the library, talking on the phone, the esteemed multitasking genius that I am, I was checking out people who passed me.. weird-hairdo-guy, overtly-conscious-of-her-neckline-girl (then why wear it at all!!), few Tamil day-scholar girls, shrinking away from my glance in case I be a escaped, most wanted rapist (few still do it for some odd reason, I don't look like a molester, do I!).. then there were couples - holding-hands-couples, misfit-height-couples, fighting-bickering-couples, smiling-and-gliding-along-couples (someone I know..)

They were all people you generally see in college, passing in front of the library, but rarely entering it..

I was on the phone for quite sometime now and nearby security guards and professors had begun to look at me, disapprovingly. Here in my college, there are many profs who consider the mobile phone to be the most wasteful invention of all time.. in some ways, akin to the apple, Eve took and faced the wrath of His Holiness from up there.. But I just had to pass time, so I continued for another 5 minutes or so..

The person I was waiting for had still not arrived.. Aah yes, you guessed it right, taking such a long time was the cue - it has to be a girl!

Soon after I felt the urge to call another time to pass time further on, I noticed this girl coming towards me - pretty, medium height, my friend Nikunj would like her for a particular reason that I wouldn't disclose here, certain readers might guess.. you might call her 'hot' in contemporary college fashion standards. She was on a phone, and at the same time, was fumbling for something in her bag..


She passed by me, as I glanced at her covertly, and then she mishandled her purse and it fell down on the ground, with her money flying everywhere on the pavement.. I swooped down to help. I collected her one rupee, two rupees, 5 rupees, even 50paise coins.. she was still on the phone..

'No yaar, my purse fell.. Yeah its okay, no issue, I got help'
Ooh! I was considered a help.. cool..

Then when I handed her the money, she made a smiley, thank-you face (which maybe meant she's either indebted to me with her life OR a meagre 'yeah, thanks dude..') She started walking away when I noticed a 2 rupees coin on the floor, gone unnoticed before.. I picked it up and was about to hand it over to her when she turned, in style, and said..

'You may keep it..'



I never really got over the shock.. a year later, now that I realize that it has become a folklore among my friends' circle, I think it'd be harmless to share this weird situation about the weird return gift from the weird but pretty girl for being such a gentleman..

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  1. hahahahahahaha..!! why do such things keep on happening with U only U???