Exam Blues..

Last few weeks have been hectic: exams, quizzes, tests, assignments, seminars and what not - you name one, you got one.. The merciless professors successfully managed to seek their vengeance on us for we enjoyed ourselves in the quick, short vacation, that was Diwali!

So my seventh semester, theoretical exams started today.. By now you think it would mean quite light only, but I still managed to screw up the very first exam.. Its a boring one - Bio-process Principles, one of the rarest subjects this semester that I have good internals in!

My favorite part was supposed to be the 10 marks question based on Stoichiometry, as they usually seem very interesting to me in the class.. Amidst boring questions forwarded to us throughout the syllabus, it is a proactive mathematical workout, with definite answers.. sort of a refuge!

However, usually in my case, before the 'calculated' rise comes a 'trigonometrically tragic' fall.. So much that I enjoy solving mathematical problems, I basically 'SUCK' at them! Yes, mostly my answers come wrong because I'll always have some different highly innovative approach compared to that of other petty commoners, who actually solve them perfectly!

So, we got this question today, based on material balance - where I had to balance the Left Hand Side and Right Hand Side of a biochemical equation and find out the unknown molar coefficients.. A sitter, I know, do NOT remind me.. and what better, I had practiced this particular type of sum more than once! It was a lottery question, where I had hit the JACKPOT baby!

I almost cried out of joy (in my mind.. or at least I did a double barrel roll in there..) It was a guaranteed solid 10 marks.. made me believe that there is a God, watching me from up there!

But then the God decided to ponder over my deeds and..

'Thou swear by my name, you son of bitch!' is what God must have thought, as I got super wrong answers in the first attempt (got negative molar coefficients' values!) of the sum.. I looked at it, seriously this time.. Double barrel roll would have to wait..

Second attempt - same wrong answers.. then I decided to do it fully on the programmable calculator that can solve simultaneous equations with 3 unknowns (its when I'm trying to defend my intellect, that I swear by the technical advancements of my calculator.. what an irony!) However, I got same answers, as that just wasn't of any help!

A frustrated third attempt was made with similar results.

But this made me happy, for it was a convincing evidence of it being a wrong question.. I decided the values must be wrong as even though it seemed that I got the wrong answers, they were the same for every attempt! After all, how many times can a person go wrong? (I should've known better..)

Frustratedly triumphant, I wrote, in capital letters..



I blasted out of the exam hall as the frustrating ordeal came to a close and immediately consulted my notes (considered, doing that might give me a positive insight over asking the commoners - they usually disappoint me after every maths exam!)

Well, guess what, I was wrong.. everyone else, including myself in the past, have done the sum and got good promisingly positive results for this sum.. What The 'F'!

I think I should try finding who's to check my paper before he starts swearing by thy name..

Way to go, Ma..!!

Mothers.. they know how to love you best, know how to care for you best and definitely know how to embarrass you in front of your girly friends best..

'Look! This was when Deep was just a year old!!' And I'd usually be naked in one of those photos she'd show to them..

My friend Rahul's mother had a ride in an brand new Audi A6.. when she got back, he asked how it was, the ride? And all she could think of, was 'Hm.. the AC was nice!' Then again, Noelle comes to the classes, having this weird expression and would declare, 'My mum's on a shopping spree for herself!' When we'd ask if she's out to buy things for her too, she turns and blurts out 'I'm not sure yet and that seemingly is killing me inside..'

Recently my mum had to go on a long distance travel, and not surprisingly, she was absolutely horrified at the aspect of travelling alone without dad nor me.. it's been a while of her being absolutely sovereign, both for health and general dependence..

But it was a necessary family affair and she just had to do it alone, as I was stuck here down south with my studies and dad already gone to where she was to go.. Both of us filled her up with confidence (seemingly over-flowing it in the process!) before she boarded the train and hoped for her safe journey..

However, she found herself surrounded by rowdy, young college-going boys in the train, who might have been a nuisance until, like most mothers, she started considering them equivalent to her son, that is me.. Really Ma? So she ended up having a nice chat with one particular guy from Gwalior, who recently got placed somewhere in south and lives away from parents.. And that's it, Mum got her favorite topic to chat about..

'So, do you miss your family, boy?'
'Um.. not much aunty.. actually I'm now used to it.'
'WHAT! You don't miss your mother and father!!' (And that was absolutely below the belt Ma!)
'No no! Of course I do.. its just we don't get much time..'
'NO NO!' and now the guy was absolutely panicked, and decided to add a personal point of view as a defense, 'I totally do!! But mostly when we have to cook, I remember my mother so much..'

And to that my mum held up her head high and answered, casually, 'I would totally kill my boy if he thinks of me only when he needs someone to cook food!'

That boy was never seen again in the same compartment, or at least he remained hidden from my mum's scrutinizing eyes till she got down at her destination.. Few of his friends actually helped her get down, with her luggage and bags..

Way to go, Ma!

'You may keep it...'

So it happened one day that I was waiting outside the library for someone.. I was on the phone and as a force of habit, I stroll around while talking..

Apart from just hanging out in front of the library, talking on the phone, the esteemed multitasking genius that I am, I was checking out people who passed me.. weird-hairdo-guy, overtly-conscious-of-her-neckline-girl (then why wear it at all!!), few Tamil day-scholar girls, shrinking away from my glance in case I be a escaped, most wanted rapist (few still do it for some odd reason, I don't look like a molester, do I!).. then there were couples - holding-hands-couples, misfit-height-couples, fighting-bickering-couples, smiling-and-gliding-along-couples (someone I know..)